Quality and Focus Build Wealth in Equity Investing

Build wealth by investing in a concentrated portfolio of good quality businesses (stocks) with high earnings potential. Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to equity investing.

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    InvesQ is a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor. We serve clients across India and have growing presence in overseas/NRI segment. We follow a disciplined approach to investing in good quality businesses run by strong management teams.


    DNA investing: We invest in great businesses (stocks) with proven management

    Investee companies are good-quality businesses with solid management teams and expected to exhibit high growth.


    Good Quality Businesses

    InvesQ lays emphasis on the need of a company/ business to generate ROCE well in excess of cost of capital over a business cycle and essentially good operating cash flows on a sustained basis.


    Strong Management Team

    A company is intrinsically as strong as the people that lead and manage it. We only buy businesses with great management/leadership that has a proven track record of managing the business well in tough times.


    High Growth Potential

    Our focus is investing in stable yet solid growth potential by choosing stocks that have favourable potential to grow in the medium term. Ideally, we look for small fish in a big pond and innovative companies that keep adding new growth levers time to time.

    Portfolio construct to deliver 20-30% compounded earnings growth with a hypothesis that other things being equal it should result in similar capital appreciation over the medium term

    icon Target low draw-down
    icon Low Business Risk
    icon Consistent Growth

    Why InvesQ ?

    Independent Advisory Model

    Independent Advisory Model

    Your money remains with you. We have skin in the game as we invest in companies that we recommend to our clients.


    Research Pedigree

    An experienced Research Team led by a Fund Manager who has managed/ Advised on Equity investing for over 18 years. A stringent Research process encompassing data analysis, on/off field checks, discussions with company and Industry ecosystem.

    Quality + Growth at Reasonable Price

    Quality + Growth at Reasonable Price

    A combination of growth + value investing. The objective is to adhere to steady, sustainable, and consistent growth while avoiding overpriced stocks.

    Robust Screening Process

    Robust Screening Process

    Emphasis on good quality financials, economic moat, and business models that have the potential and capability to outperform peers in the medium-long run.

    Optimally Diversified Portfolio

    Optimally Diversified Portfolio

    Our portfolio is adequately diversified to minimize unsystematic (diversifiable) risk, i.e. avoid stock-specific shocks.

    Previous Stock Investment Recommendations for Illustrative purpose

    Following are some investments that shaped our performance

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    Disclaimer: The content in this website is provided for informational purposes only. No material should be considered as investment advice directly, indirectly, implicitly, or in any manner whatsoever. Investments in stocks/equity are subject to market risks. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. InvesQ Investment Advisors accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss or damage arising from any use of any information in this website. All users must make their own investment decisions based on their specific investment objectives and financial position and using such independent advisors, as they believe necessary. The information and content in this website are subject to change without notice.


    Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

    Most advisors have a large spread of their client’s portfolio and invest in over 30 stocks. We have a focused approach of investing in fewer good-quality growth stocks. InvesQ distinguishes itself from the majority of investment advisors in India by offering these features – limited concentrated stock investing, constant monitoring of portfolio, robust research methodology, low churn (exit and entry amongst stocks in portfolio) and curated investment offerings.

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    Yes, InvesQ is a SEBI-registered investment advisory firm. SEBI regulations apply to investment advisors regarding registration, certification, capital adequacy, risk profiling and suitability, disclosures to made, code of conduct,records to be maintained, manner of conducting inspection, etc. All registered advisors need to obtain certificate from SEBI that mandates they meet these regulations.

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    Yes, any investment in equity comes with certain risks. A prudent investor understands that there are risks to any and every investment. Our philosophy and approach to investing aims at minimizing portfolio risk and at the same time maximizing returns potential. We continuously monitor our recommended investments so that timely actions can be taken when needed. Market returns do vary across asset classes and due to changing dynamics. While this involves risk – it also awards the opportunity for benefit of gaining from these variations.

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