InvesQ Multicap Opportunities Portfolio

Objective – Optimise capital appreciation potential and control portfolio risk with proper proportions/ weightages of selected companies and limiting the number of stocks.

Selection of stocks

a) Top down –Sectoral tailwinds for the business that would ensure strong growth for medium term and

b) Bottom up – Happenings in/ for a company that can trigger wealth creation, example: change in management/ their strategies that could trigger sharp turnaround in profits/ cash flows; special situations like merger/ demerger/ acquisition etc; step up in business cycle.

Fee Plan

Plan TypeFixed FeePerformance Fee #Hurdle Rate #
Fixed Only2.50%0%0%
Hybrid Plan 11.75%20%10%
Hybrid Plan 21.25%15%0%

# subject to a High Water Mark – charged Annually (No Catch-up)

Exit Load

Year 1 – 2%
Year 2 – 1%
No Exit Load if Redeemed after 2 Years

Indicative Tenure

3 to 5 years

Direct Onboarding

Clients also have an option to invest in the products / investment approaches directly, without intermediation of persons engaged in distribution services.
In such cases clients can reach us by sending an email on